About Us

YMLX BY YAMI is a clothing brand started from a dream and passion.

Since a little kid, I always dreamed of being a model and a fashion designer. I remember sitting for hours in the back of my house in the Dominican Republic making clothes for my dolls out of old clothes. I was hand-sewing matching denim purses for me and my dolls before I even knew that was fashion. While daydreaming of the day when I could design a collection and model it, too.

From a young age, my birthdays were my favorites because I got to wear makeup, get any hairstyle I wanted, dress-up and have a photoshoot. At age 16, I dove into the world of modeling through pageantry. Then I took at pause to focus on my last years of high school and college. 

After my school's campus closed in 2020, I had more time to start thinking about fashion. Inspired by the many women around me starting up their own businesses, I finally took the initiative to create my own.

After so many months of hard work, YMLX by Yami was born in December, 2020. Operating my business on my own has been a beautiful journey of meeting amazing women, overcoming challenges and, at times, doubt, gaining new knowledge, and independence. From doing the modeling, photography, and editing to doing the marketing, outsourcing inventory, and even website-building, this is a one-woman show.

My wish is for you beautiful women to have an affordable luxury experience from the packaging to the garment itself. 

I hope to soon start manufacturing my own designs so YMLX by Yami can be all the designer in me has always dreamed it to be.