Ambassador Guidelines

Brand Ambassador Program Guidelines


Thank you for your interest in our Brand Ambassador Program. 
We would love to have you participate and represent our brand! 

Please read the following program guidelines (and requirements) for becoming an ambassador for YMLX by Yami.

- Guidelines -

  • Set up your ambassador portal
    • Fill out mailing address, payment and social media handle(s) information. 
  • You will receive YMLX by Yami product(s) once a month (or more), the product(s) may sometimes be of your preference.
    • You must provide your mailing address on the portal. 
    • To start, you get to choose the product of your preference.
  • You are required to post promotional content at least once a week.
    • Promotional content examples: video, feed post, story post, YMLX by Yami story repost, etc. 
    • Always tag us and use our website and product links (if Instagram allows).
    • Product links can be found on your ambassador portal.
    • We suggest posting at the beginning and end of the week to create consistency with your followers. Also works as a reminder for you and your followers! 
    • We’ll try to send emails with suggestions for promotional content as much as possible.
  • Out of all your content/posts in a month (minimum of 4 = one per week), one must be a video on your story featuring the product and one must be a feed post wearing the product.
    • The video could be a product review or you modeling/wearing the product doing anything you’d like (could even be a TikTok dance video). The video does not have to be on your feed, it can just be a story!
    • Be creative! - The more creative you are, the more engaged your followers will be and more likely to make an order = you get paid more!

- Overall -

This partnership heavily relies on your commitment to promoting our products. The number of posts is only a minimum. Obviously the more you post the more your followers will be motivated to make orders which turns into more commissions for you! So we recommend posting as much as you can, being enthusiastic in your posts and doing so consistently. This is key for motivating your followers to make orders!

Additionally, you will be rewarded for your effort and the fruits (orders) of your labor. These rewards may look like personalized store discounts, increase in number of products and PR packages, store gift cards, commission bonuses* and/or others. 

*Commission bonuses can be gifted for holidays, birthdays, program participation anniversaries, orders goals, etc.